What I learnt after 3 hrs of debugging for a stupid issue today ?

Lesson 1 - Getting some unknown error even though your code ks right and no error in logs ? Check you SQL version and its rules.

Lesson 2 - phpmyadmin is fuckin shit ass software

Lesson 3- I need to learn JavaScript for backend ASAP

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    That is a whole different beast altogether. In my eyes, starting with (in my case) lamp was not that difficult. But I ditched phpmyadmin once i started to get better with dbases. JS is practically married to noSQL dbs in the backend although support for relational dbses is getting better.
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    @AleCx04 what is alternate solution to phpmyadmin ?
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    @neelgeek depends on the db you are using. In my case it was MySQL for which MySQL Workbench worked pretty good. For most projects it would become sufficient.
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