Any cure for a weak coward like me

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    imagine yourself still being a weak coward in 20 years
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    Death by Shao Kahn
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    chemical castration, i see no other cure for you.
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    There's a few I know of:
    1. Seeing a specialist of why you never went through puberty.
    2. Hypnotism, it tends to work well on the mentally weak.
    3. Hire a personal life coach to babysit you.
    4. The ultimate cure-all, death.
    5. Put yourself in a situation like being chased by a bull.

    Im sure there's more, but any of those should help.
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    Lift heavy objects or hormonal therapy to get your balls working properly
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    Or go kiss a blonde Norwegian lady. It’s said they are descendants of valkyries themselves according to the ancient runic inscriptions from recovered Viking tablets. So if you kiss a giant female Norwegian you’ll automatically gain strength and access Valhalla
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    @jestdotty there's weak and there's 'open to *idr what they call putting suggestions in your mind but that*'
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    @jestdotty i totally wish hypnotism worked on me... totally serious
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    @awesomeest impossible to be a software engineer and mentally weak in the same time
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    @b2plane so you are a figment our imagination!

    ...Everyone! We're having the biggest shared hallucination ever continuously documented or this long... b2plane isnt actually a sign of the accelorating apocalypse, cuz he's not real... it's like the Ghost of Future Apocalypse...*whew* glad we know before it's too late.

    Btw b2plane, my imaginary... ummm...playmate?... but in the park/playground sort of way only... ehh it's not like hed know adult stuff anyway...
    The fact that you think there arent, consistently employed, grads of a fancy/expensive uni, software engineers that are mentally weak (or just about any other trait for that manner) is adorably naìve, likely immature.
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    @awesomeest @jestdotty @demolishun

    Friend linked me to one of the biggest cures to mental weakness

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    @TeachMeCode the uploader has not made this video available in your country

    YouTube is such a useless website now
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    @jestdotty it's not totally useless... where else am i gonna store a 'video' that i made right after 8th gr? It's literally an animated gif being video'd... i set my rolling backpack, with school uniform inside, on fire and took a few pics. Named it something like demise of a rolly backpack and/or death on 2 wheels. There's also a very high brow political commentary posted from that same account... the finale is a 3d puzzle of the capital building with (illegal back then) mortar shells inside... but i wont ruin the ending...

    But seriously, yt is annoying me with their music app and sub. Shitty devs and shitty policies. I literally use it for convenience; i could, and might, easily just download all songs and playlists i have to one of the many, literally $1.68 rechargeable, clip-on, mp3 players i have, and it'd be close to as good... no sub or app.

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    @jestdotty @TeachMeCode

    xbox playing music-- it randomly stops playing if u dont pay attn to the silent prompt. So it's killed any valid use for gatherings

    It swapped a bunch of lyric vids for new iterations minus the vids.

    It fights you if u try to re-order the playing playlist, often rearranging the whole thing and truncating it for some reason.

    You can't find basic info like original desc. of song, album, year released, etc.
    it has several songs that let you (sometimes) toggle if its just the music or the vid... if there's lyrics for the music, they dont give them for the vid... even when it's being cast elsewhere.

    The high-tech url/sharing=the origjnal vid link, at a new subdomain.
    Unless u have the music app (most countries dont) it wont work... or you just remove the "music" part, then its normal yt link again.

    ofc, cant forget, feedback req spam, they ofc don't really care about.
    I wouldn't be surprised if their spam feedback forms go to a true blackhole address
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    Oh i totally forgot I posted that….
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