This week I got instructed to write a script that downloads an Excel sheet (which is used as a product database with >20000 products and lots of macros) from Dropbox, and parses it. In PHP. 🤦‍♂️

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    So... I take you'll have a nice week? :D
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    I fill you bro
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    can you do something against that dangerous process?
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    I am doing the simillar using PHPExcel library.

    Its from DB to view to csv or xls or xlsx
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    I literally have to do the same thing, I haven't started it yet tho. You using Dropboxs API?
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    @Jilano :')

    @Armohammadi That was autocorrect I hope? xD Thanks tho ;)

    @heyheni I've attempted to introduce a decent PIM system in the past but my boss wants it to have all the checks and functions that the macros now fulfill..

    @gojurimiba Yeah I've looked into PHPExcel and SimpleXLSX and I'm tending towards using the latter as I don't need the writing functionality. :)

    @sha1 Wow, didn't expect that. :o
    I'm using the API indeed, and since it only needs to be used with one account I enabled the direct token authentication thingy which means you don't have to go through the OAuth2 process to get a token. File download is working now :)
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    so everybody can delete the contents?
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