iMac pro now available.

Open the website, look at the price, laugh out loud, close website.

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    Best Rant of 2018
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    MKBHD actually did a piece on it and said that if you were to build a comparable machine yourself then you'd pretty much pay the same price for it.
    Don't forget that is uses a Xeon CPU and top of the line AMD graphics 😉
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    @Froot Yes, read something similar, its actually a highly specced, highly capable machine in a gorgeous package, not overpriced just expensive. if i had the cash, id buy one.
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    Xeon, when threadripper exists?
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    I hope it will make the normal iMacs cheaper, I'm planning on buying one in a few months
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    How much?
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    I laugh at the price of every Apple product.
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    @Froot @helloworld
    Yeah, no.
    or if you really want AMD graphics:
    >>63837596 (OP)

    Another good build for literally half the price (7.5K, threadripper):


    > 16-core / 32-threads
    > 16GB HBM2 Vega Frontier
    > 128GB DDR4 3400MHz
    > 4TB SSD (4x 1TB)
    > two 4K displays
    > 10Gb Ethernet

    > everything is upgradeable
    > everything is water-cooled
    > faster RAM
    > more pixels
    > almost half the price

    > less cores/threads
    > no ECC RAM
    > bigger/heavier, with lots of cables
    > the 5K IPS display on the iMac is brighter and probably of higher quality
    > slower SSD
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    Also look at this image guys. Of course we're talking performance only, not aesthetics.
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    @Frio Fair fair. I didn't do my own research, just echoed what MKBHD said but it seems that you are right.
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    @astro29 Yes because threadripper is slower than xeon on the top end. So if you want the best of the best then Xeon is the way to go. Tho I'd just go for an i9 myself since I don't need ECC ram.
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    Is i9 faster than threadripper?
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    i was going to buy one - then i realized i didn't have that kind of money - so i decided i am going to strip for it - then i realized i am not in the best of shape to be a stripper - i was going to do it anyway - then i realized i wasn't even a female and the places that hire men for stripping were over 500 miles from me..-i am better off with my 499 pc which can take a lot of swearing from me for being slow
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    @bondman just work on your make up skills, buy a cute dress, and then work on making your voice higher. Then start a YouTube channel. Rin senpai does it and makes mucho dinero.
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    @Froot there is really nothing good about AMD graphics. Or AMD CPUs...

    Every dev that had to write a piece of software for those knows how terrible they are.
    Every person who've done 3D modeling knows how slow and clunky AMD products are.
    Even most gamers know to avoid AMD processors.

    So there's basically only negative sides to using an AMD product.
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    @sekharprudhivi Most likely. Also intel still pulverizes AMD in single core performance.

    @Noob Ah ok. Good insight.
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    @Froot I really tried not to sound like a hater.
    Indeed AMD have worse GPUs and CPUs than their competitors. This can be proven easily from a developer's standpoint or a user's one.
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    @Noob Hehe, no problem 😄
    It's good to know that
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