My First ever VSCode extension is live.


A symbols tree view provider that supports PHP/TS/JS only (for now). Any suggestions/recommendations are welcomed !!!

Boy, does it feel good to feel like a real developer again 😎

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    Cool, might give a try with my TS codes.
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    @mzeffect Thanks and feel free to do so, just FYI the ts/js part definitely needs some polishing as some parts of the parser had my hands tight, but looking forward to any issues you might have :)
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    I'll check it out when I have time. 😎
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    @JoshBent Added a couple of GIFs to in the repo/README feel free to take a look 🙂
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    @dev-nope damn, that's looking pretty handy, what languages does it work with?
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    @JoshBent For now PHP & TS/JS and as of today JSON (although it feels slightly different, since it's nesting etc.).

    That is it for now, there is still some polishing to be done here and there, so that will come before newer languages are added, but if you have something in mind - I am open for suggestions 🙂
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