I can't express my rage, just wanted to share this

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    what does the who thing say?
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    It's actually really sad, that people here are totally fine with each other and getting along well. But because of some very rich and powerful persons, people have to suffer. Actually whole countries have to suffer, because, simply said, some people don't get along.
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    And leftist propaganda here in Europe blames Israel for all shit in the middleeast
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    @Linux same in America, it's almost a crime to "stand with Israel"...
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    Here in Sweden you get your car burned and family members threaten.
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    @J-2FA I do. In fact it's not even real "sanction", we can simply dodge it by any means of changing IP. Some nice people even provide a proxy service dedicated for these issues. I really can't understant how exactly forbiddong software helps them keeping us from anything, but I don't care and that's not what turns me mad. It's how they know this is not even effective, and they keep doing this, it's just offensive, humiliating and stupid. Sometimes I feel like they just do this to humiliate us.
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    @J-2FA I am part Lebanese and I have a question, I have nothing against Israel, but why do so many Lebanese hate them? Is it because of the war and the consequences of it?
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    @Linux Doesn't that mostly happen in the more ghetto parts of Sweden like Malmö or Rinkeby? I live in a city in Sweden where such things never occur (but are talked about on the news) :/

    It truly is sad to see humanity like this
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    @Chlodovechus genocide? common man, if my "regime" have really spoken for this (which i don't remember when exactly) at least they have only spoken, you know.
    And even if they did, I'm really curious about how this can be done in docker
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    @J-2FA ah I see. Interesting.
    Yeah I'm a huge aviation enthusiast, I'm aspiring to become a pilot (programming to afford flight school hehe) :)
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    @J-2FA you're right and I am speaking as iI as well am a Lebanese citizen.
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    @ParkCity ? I've never met anyone that cared or supported Palestine.
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    @codePatrol no, the media is very liberal (social media mostly), and there is lots of anti-semitism disguised as "muslim acceptance"
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    @ParkCity Ah, I wouldn't take them too seriously. If they want to be enraged by something you say, let them be. Actually it's quite fun to troll those people.
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    As an israeli citizen. I dont agree with all of what my goverment does. I feel like everyone is brainwashed except from me. How convenient.

    I feel i can relate to some of what the Lebanese devs here say.
    I wonder, can they relate about what an Israeli feels like? Being threatened every year with wars, bombs and knife attacks, domestic and foreign, from all your neighbours, knowing everyone is conspiring to kill you since the day you were declared.

    Politics is ugly and i wish we could just start fresh. Sadly this has been rejected many times before..
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    @bioDan Yes mate, yes we can
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