So I thought of applying for masters, mainly coz work's been boring af -_- i'm not having Fun. like. at all.

Masters in CS would need a research topic and the one I was/am interested in is "WebRTC", with the topic being tryyyying to figure out a way to hide the actual Peer IPs and come up with a Standard 2.0 of WebRTC or a derivative standard

I was looking into Research Papers already written on WebRTC to get a feel on what's already been attempted or tried
And omfg the word-vomit :v

The whole paper had 0 substance and their "research" was that "we'll encrypt Packets with SHA256 so it'll be secure" like bruh -_-

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    Thank god these people have LLMs now
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    @electrineer I can't distill out the sarcasm on that one
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    Damn how did this get published... Everything I read here is bloated crap where they tried to use the most fancy and longest sentences to say nothing worthwhile. Instead of describing what a feast the background research was, why not simply write down your findings of the background research? Worst of all: why do they even write about what a research question and hypothesis are? EVERYONE in academia knows what those things are and you simply write them down and get on with your paper.

    It's like they had one week to and we're forced to use at least x words or something childish like that...
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    But hey, at least it seems like you can easily outperform them both in practice as well as in theory ;)
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    Some papers are undergrad's works. So... maybe? This looks like someone who has just learned what a hypothesis is.
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