I hate the new Teams. It's showing a distracting red icon in the activity bar when someone's sent a chat. Then, when clicking the chat icon in Teams you'd expect it to take me there so I could reset the chat and make it stop showing that irritating red notification in the activity bar. But NO, nothing happens when clicking the chat icon. Useless UX to say the least! This is one of the main reasons why I never use Teams for chatting, and I only open the application for meetings and then immediately shut it down. How come Microsoft, that's been around for so fucking long, still haven't learnt to design consistent, user-friendly and distraction-free applications? I think the answer is: They don't give a shit.

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    That and they probably can’t change the position of a button in teams without breaking some random version of excel in the meantime. Their code is probably not spaghetti, but pubic hair
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    @jestdotty Wait, this has a point. Being very unintuitive = being very different to other vendors = if you get used to them, you may not change them. Kinda something Apple does, I think.
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    @jestdotty that’s genius. Sell the solution for solving the problem your solution creates.
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