*Outsourcing DevOps Company*

> HR got a call from a customer
> Got my contract terminated immediately
> HR and my boss trying to explain to me about the situation
> The customer is one of BIG GIANT conglomerate in my country and high expectations AF
> My boss wants me in the team
> HR denied due to headcount and limited budget from investors
> CEO pay me for the whole 2 months in salary in compensation including unused vacation under the national labour law right away after signing an acknowledge form
> HR told me if I go to the new company, don't forget to tell them about referring

This all happens under 30 minutes after a normal working friday

What a shock

PS. It's a nice DevOps outsourcing company in both working culture and technical TBH

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    Respect for your boss and best of luck on your new job hunt.
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    Why were you terminated immediately? I feel like I’m missing something.
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    If yours is an outsourcing company, it shouldn't be hard to place you in other clients projects.

    I also work in outsourcing company, though we tend to overwork, we've never had a problem assigning people. We even have to let some positions unfulfilled as we can't find enough people to do it.
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    @Root I need skill training and they want me to work right away
    Imagine they want me to fix a broken car with a customer stating "My car is not running I have been hit a rock days ago" and I'm still learning to change the engine oil
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    @cho-uc yup my boss has tried this method but the company budget isn't allowed to do so.
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    @Definition7 Meh. I’d dive in anyway, and figure it out as I went along.
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