StackOverflow: let's marginalize your "problem" and focus on the real issue at hand, which is that line 4 doesn't conform to the language standards and thus will lead to undefined behavior on a single kind of 8-bit microcontroller made in 1984 that is no longer in use.

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    let's also write a sarcastic comment that either criticizes an answer or answers the question in the first place because points are useless when you spend all your time here anyway
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    You can do that in jQuery:
    *jQuery answer*
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    @Mitiko You can do that in Javascript:
    *js solution*
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    @Mitiko You can do that using hipster-framework.js
    * ugly and convoluted "solution" *
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    Following the comments:

    Q: "How to ... in vanilla javascript?"
    A: "Easy! Start with $(document)...."
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