I developed an Android app that authenticates users via HTTP. Because it's an internal use app for employees only, we are in charge of unsubscribe the users that have access to the app in case they leave the company; all we have to do is update a bit column in one DB table and that's it, nothing complicated. My manager thought it was a good idea to develop an entire "front-end" website to make this task "easier", and yes, I am the one he put in charge of doing this, even though I work in the company as an Android dev, not a web dev. Making this site would be really simple and it'd only take a few hours of effort, but I find it really stupid and a waste of time coding a whole website to achieve a goal that only takes one freaking SQL sentence and no real clients using it. I don't know if, in fact, this is a stupid and useless idea, or I'm being a dick and have no reasons to blame my manager and bitch about it.

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    if your manager has his webtool, doesn't that mean that he won't be bothering you anymore with requests for deleting stuff?
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    I don't think it's stupid, it'll actually lift a lot of stupid requests. So if you think that way it's good

    Why are you authenticating users via http? You should at least use https even though it's an internal only application. Also are you using a common username and password cause that would be a bad idea. Having different users will help in keeping an account for who changed what
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    Uhm, a Frontend for one sql query? Just do it? I mean it doesn't need to be responsive and whatever. Could be done in an hour or less
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    I read "Authenticate" and "HTTP" in the same sentence and died a little.
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