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    But... But... I love dark coffee!!
    ( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ^ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀  )
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    You can always add milk on devRant friends dark personality
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    @IllSlapU who the fuck you are??? Nah, just kidding. If I consider you as my friend doesn't mean this feeling has to be mutual!!
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    @Aitkotw "friendship is mutual. This isn't always the case for love tho." ~ My ex psychologist that has probably stolen this cite from somewhere else.
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    @romangraef I was referring to devRant community so it's not possible to point each person I know or will know in near future. What I said is not a statement that I need to justify, it's just my personal opinion, that's all.
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    But I drink my coffee black 🤔
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    It's important to maintain your pool of friends, due to natural leakage issues.

    I find at least one friend of mine a week dies.

    Will one of you will be next. :-)

    FX [ Watches everyone run away.. ]
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    @localjoost Same! Don't want my coffee anything but black and fucking strong.
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    I use to order espresso, curto or even a ristretto.

    Actually, I have a espresso machine and a grinder at home.
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    @linuxxx Milk can be OK, Australian flat white with a doppio... but sugar is a travesty.
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    @bittersweet Couldn't agree more with you... 😄
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    All the black coffee drinkers remind me that someone on here drinks their black espresso with decreasing intensity. Master of one cup or something.
    I haven't tried it yet but have thought about it.
    But this comic was amusing. 😀
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    Shouldn't we be drinking tea..

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    @Nanos Which reminds me of:


    Which also reminds me that this water is better for you:


    The wikipedia article used to be rather more informative about it is now !

    Basically, the nearer you get the the planets poles, the better the water is for you.

    Which also reminds me, a study done on testicle removal shows it can add a decade to your life, and I remember decades ago I thought the best time to get it done was when I was in my 50's..

    So.. I wonder how much it costs to have done, and should I get falsifies or not ?

    I could have inflatable ones, or animal shaped ones, or go without and make it easier to sit down in a hurry..

    Or make a pouch and be a handy place to keep my USB phone backup power battery..
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    I just thought, I could have magnet implants, and then I could have detachable false testicles to throw around the office !

    Related link:

    > 12 Most Bizarre Body Implants
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    How can you ruin the perfect black coffee with fucking milk and sugar ?
    Best coffee:
    Hot Water
    Coffee grinded beans.
    No milk
    No sugar
    Just perfect
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    @7root damn that must be some good coffee
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    @Nanos or you could get a small thermos for black coffee? 😐
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    All this talk about hot liquids and tea especially reminds me of https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    I can't stand milk in my coffee.
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    Yes because it's the only place where you can talk about programming as a 16 told and get taken seriously
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    I like my coffee as I like my metal.
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    This reminds me to get a fresh cup of coffee... black and dark :D
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    Hello 2019 and God fucking hell I love coffee.
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    I love dark coffe
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