Just bought my first 0.002 Bitcoin 😎

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    Just wait (20years if it doesn't die) you might be rich.
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    Give me the private key I'll make it double!!
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    @Aitkotw alright!!! How generous! It's:
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    @Dacexi I prefer picture over text xD
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    @ThatDude I totally agree BTC is really unstable right now
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    @ThatDude @n3xus eh I just did it for fun. No matter what happens I'm gonna keep it at least 3 years to see what happens :)
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    Cool, $21.23 in BTC. What can you buy with $22.78 worth of BTC? Where are you storing your $19.67 BTC? I guess it cannot hurt to invest $20.55 in BTC, right?
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    I sold my half bitcoin a year ago. Made a ~250% profit. I regret it every time I think about it.
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    @-bubba åt Dreamhack back in like 2010 they gave out a USB stick with 100 Bitcoin as a "no idea what its called in English but price that you recieve to not feel bad when you lost" prize. The formated it and kept pirated music on it.
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    @ThatDude there are as many rumored maximum values as there are finance experts in the world. Some mention 500.000 to 1.000.000 USD for one Bitcoin....
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    @Dacexi I wonder how they sleep at night
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    Don't buy cryptocurrencies just to keep them in your wallet, that's what will ruin their value in the long run.

    Use them! Put them to work! Spread their adoption! That's what gives them a purpose!
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    @endor but there's literally no place to use them
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    @Dacexi then you clearly haven't searched "where to spend bitcoin". And if you're still not satisfied with that result, then you may wanna do your part in spreading adoption
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    @endor the only place I spend money online is steam and they don't take it.
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