Hey I recently started working and had a few questions regarding fulfillment and sideprojects.

Although I am a game programmer now, the game we are making is not at all something I find interesting. I find myself wanting to work on some side Projects at home but its difficult to manage my time (obviously) and I cant really relax.

I do enjoy the work making the game, like, I like making the systems, I enjoy programming it, but I dislike the gameplay and the games thematics, so its a mixed bag.

I only worked there for 2 months and the game takes at least all of next year to be made. I dont want to quit, because its my first job and all and it would be stupid I dont really habe a reason to quit.

I guess I just want to hear how others are handling a situation like this

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    Thats working life. Sometimes you have to do things you dont like yourself. But depending on the type of company (making it for customers or to launch yourself?) with the latter you can maybe give some input on the game mechanics
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    @Codex404 i can give feedback and I do alot of the things I dont want to do just for the sake of a project, thats totally fine for me. Often I even volunteer, because although I dont want to do X, I know that I do give a shit and will do it correctly, at least.

    My Problem is that the Project itself is something I am not interested in and its not for customers.

    Its like wanting to design sports cars and then working on family vans or something.
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