I think you guys will find this very useful

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    the last one is the best
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    @noamtm but to me it would sent cv in non pdf format.. that eliminates the last one
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    @Neo- true, but it's still funny. And, it makes me wish the standard format for cv would be markdown, just so I can see if the applicant has mixed tabs and spaces :-)
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    @Neo- really? I thought the norm was ms word
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    @tysa we get about 50:50. And when I submit my own resume, I use pdf.
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    @tysa sarcasm?

    i do get lots of weird format, work was in wordpad...
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    @Neo- not really.
    I am taking about word, not wordpad

    word files look decent, especially with those themes
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    Why cert bad?
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    Source please ... is it xkcd ?
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    @yrtejas idk man, a friend sent it to me on WhatsApp. sorry for the late reply.
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    You should add this to the HR Column: Long list if languages regardless to the fact they are outdated and no one ever used them in the first place. Also alway send you resume in PDF. Good practice and it can't be edited or the format can't be copied if you spent days doing a really cool layout.
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