ARGH. The moment you realise the previous developer centralised ALL of the current software around a M$ access dBase. WTF. Same dude also stores day of year, week of year, month number and year as seperate fields in a MySQL dBase. Alongside a datetime stamp. OMFG!!!!

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    You had me at MSAccess database
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    How did he have a job lol.
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    It gets worse. How about a table ID as a MySQL formatted date time with concatenated other date at the end. A friggin ID field with spaces, colons and special friggin characters.

    /me has a looooong road ahead.
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    Sounds like a mess by an amateur. You might want to do a new build the right way rather than fixing this especially as you will surely move off Access.

    If you have an ID fields with spaces etc. who knows what you might find lurking in there. Be careful if it is moving 🐭it might bite.
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    I worked on a whole crm application for childcare company many years ago, the whole thing was written in vb6 with an access backend. 16 years ago I didn't know any better.

    Thankfully times have changed.
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    It looks like @philcr confessed.
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    Cheeky bugger!!!

    I would hope that code is long dead and buried.
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    I recently had the pleasure of working with an access database where the developer had stored dates as seperate columns. But not only were they separated like that they were also primary keys to another table, and yes, the other table looked something like this...

    ID - Month
    1 - January
    2 - February
    3 - March
    ... Etc etc.
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