1st post. Not sure if rant.

> Join 1st job after college.
> Desk assigned is close to a senior dev
> Random day, QA asks senior dev questions on something and coincidentally I happened to be working on the same thing.
> Senior dev borrows my system and explains qa something.
> By the end of explanation senior dev had bunch of shell commands written on notepasd on my machine.
> I don't understand jack shit of whats happening.
> QA looks at me and says, "Ping me once."
> I think, "no idea what just happened but must be something related to network ."
> I open terminal and type "ping" and quitely wait for further instructions (address to ping that is).
> Everyone starts laughing their asses off.
> QA guy opens slack, and sends himself the commands on text document.
> I realize what just happened
> Laugh awkwardly with everyone to ease the pressure

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    I mean he knew what's gonna happen, and he meant to embarrass you on purpose in front of everyone.
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    @outman ya, but then the term its commonly used here so I am giving him the benefit of doubt.
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    At least you know what ping is & how to use it.. // totally not meant sarcastic towards you, I just wish more people had brain like you..
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    I don't get the exact meaning of that sentence. To be honest I would've done the same.

    Someone care to explain what "ping me once" means? (other than "send me the text document the other person just wrote")
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    @Gnu-Not-Unix I use ping me (without the once) when saying to coworker to checkup on me & the task I am working on in xy minutes/hours..
    So I am guessing the once part is like when you have time to discuss something.. dunno..
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    always return a PONG when asked for a PING oh boy !!!
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    That's brilliant - very much like my first few weeks. :-)
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