So my co-founder, tried to outdo my equity in the company, by asking me to give up percentage of our equity for his father, so that he could have the leverage.

He is not talking to me since then,
When I said politely to piss off.

Just because you are a techie people try to abuse you

Any advice ?

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    And why exactly did he think you would do that?
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    @CWins @J-2FA I really don't know, people try to take technical guys for granted. I am looking to design an approach to establish that no unjust will be tolerated. but not sure how to do that
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    It's a dirty game and I think I should be doing that very politically
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    @J-2FA yes
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    @three333 "Kindly piss off. Thanks! 🙂"
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    I'm not really sure how this world works, but it sound like you two are in a tense position. Although I think you are righteous, he probably have a side of his own. Even if you leave this event behind you should really make a sulha between you.
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    @jschmold I actually started reading that book, Thanks :D
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    @hubiruchi Agreed, It is already effecting our daily standups, I would be interested to employ an strategy for Sulha or dispute resolution. Got any ideas ?
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    @three333 I knew he wanted to involve his father in the company to cut down my equity and have a leverage. so I said, I am not too sure about it but if you want feel free to give up your equity. And he was like, I am not doing that :-|
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