Is it okay for me to get pissed off because the interns don't know how to indent the code?

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    No. That's why he is an intern.

    Best coding practices are not generally in top priority list of still learning students.
    Because usually till now it's only they who are dealing with their code.

    But that doesn't mean you or someone from team tell them about best practices.
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    Happy to get a different perspective.

    But I've been trying to tell them the basic indentation of an if else loop.
    I don't know why it is that hard for them to understand the indentation part ( It's been almost 3 months, and I've adviced them on more than one occassion about this to loose my patience )
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    @theElectron I can only agree, I had my first internship three years ago, at this time I had only programmed for two years and so it was very hard to use techniques I had never seen before, but the question is how bad the interns doing. I have colleagues in college who aren’t able to write structured code after 4-5 years of practice...
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    @navster95 then your frustration is indeed valid :)

    maybe also introduce them to some automated tools in text editors/IDEs ?
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    Is it hard to get into a structured programming pattern?
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    @theElectron Already using eclipse, but it would be nice if they understood the importance of it.
    I heard visual code indents everything automatically when you save the file
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    @navster95 they showed me pattern like facade, bridge, adapter,... and yes if you just started with OOP it can be quite difficult to use them but I don’t know how much experience your interns have. As I said in a other comment, there are people who can code quite well after college and some who can’t 😅
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    @1989 I don't want them to just indent the code that they write, I want them to understand the basics and be better.
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    @navster95 All IDEs have some shortcut to automatically format & indent the code. I think in Eclipse it's Ctrl+Shift+F.

    But I don't understand why someone wouldn't get almost immediately that the stuff in curly brackets gets indented.

    Maybe they never wrote something big enough to lose the overview and don't understand why they need it.
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    Ah, if they use eclipse, just tell them to


    And it will autoformat the code to java standard :)
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    I think you should print out a piece of paper that displays examples of properly made code, and tell them that if anything falls out of this example their code will not be accepted.
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    That is indeed interesting. You say it’s not that they don’t indent, but even when explained they do not understand the rationale???

    What I’ve tried in the past: gave them a shitty formatted code and asked them to explain it to me. This usually does the trick as out of a sudden, they had hard time realising the structure of the code, consequently also what it does (can actually be anything).

    Also, I never let such code pass code reviews! Luckily, my devs are willing to learn.
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    Nah, setup an auto formatter or let'em be morons.
    Life is short.
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    No. Dom't be pissed. Tell them how it is done and if they don't do it afterwards, then you can be pissed.
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    @gberginc I lose my patience when I do the code review, ask them to indent it right, and even when I ask them they don't get it. They just don't know how to indent.

    Maybe a shitty formatted code would do the work.
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    @Prostration well, I don't get pissed off easily! I've tried to explain it to them more than once apparently, hence the frustration.
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    @Droepal Thanks for the suggestion, Let me check this out.
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