Imagine this Speed at home 😱

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    Don't have to imagine, sorry.

    Hope that the rest of the world gets up to speed sometime soon.
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    @GieltjE what? D: I’m happy that i have 50 down/10 up
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    With 5G it should become normality in a few years
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    And then there is this guy with 1Mb (down) in college... and that’s me... waiting until Visual Studio is installed...
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    You have to pay like 15$ for a gb/gb connection here, sorry
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    @R3zz0R yeah, installing visual studio is a nightmare, even with fast internet
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    @fthielen full ftth, makes life a lot more stable, low latency, high bandwidth. What's not to love?
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    My 20mbps-down fibre internet loads everything just fine at blazing speeds

    Well, as long as I only view websites from before 2000, anyway
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    I currently work in an office linked directly to the countrywide university network infrastructure. That's my speedtest as well. But I daisy chained my PC to my VOIP phone so can only get 100 max lol
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    This thread is porn.
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