The face of a developer when he makes the similar UI as mentioned in the png file given by designer and the designer points out some minor spacing issue

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    tell him: "yeah, I see. I'll be waiting you fix it and send me the new sample so I can recreate it again"
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    @azous And finally they expect all these to work on ie 8 :D
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    @merlano17 😂😂

    then you just start laughing and say
    "yeah, right.." and leave the building.
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    ey thats important for us designers! :D
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    @heyheni Ya you can tell that. Creating a pdf report with same ui as that defined by designer using php and later when done they don't appreciate rather tell, ho why this box is looking 1px bigger :O

    In design everything given in pt and we need to do in px :/
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    This is the worst. I worked with a designer who brought me in to update some sites she made a while ago(table layout) to bootstrap and make slight modifications to the layout as per a jpg she sent. She then proceeded to complain about spacing and changes to layout when the browser resized. I basically had to give her a crash course in bootstrap. (She was a bit long in the tooth)
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    ^ ok if a designer don't get how responsive design works that's stupid.
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    hahahahahha .... exactly .... once I made a simple password entering screen and showed it to the designer .. he said its good but the according to material design principles the ripples are not coming on your buttons ;\ go fix it :|
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    this is why I use Zeplin. My devs love me for this now 😋
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    @heyheni she was older and was one of those graphic designers that tried to make websites also back in the day
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    OCD is stronkkkk
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    Exact thing happened to me this week. Our test page actually had a hover over which overlaid the PM's .png file because this has happened so many times.....still wrong!
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    I wish I win a stress ball for this 😃
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    literally anyone with design education myself included as my first degree is in it. it's like we cant help being nit picky.
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    currently having a mild existential crisis with the newfound awareness that i have been in both sides of that situation
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