Not to be pedantic but shouldn't "100% completed" actually mean totally finished?

Why am I still watching a spinning circle?

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    Microsoft logic
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    lim f(x) = infinity
    x -> 100%
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    A website of the government in my country has a gif of a progress bar looping instead of a proper progress bar. Consider yourself lucky...
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    The last 1/infinite % just takes the longest. If your Microsoft at least.
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    It's finished downloading and installing its many stupid messy cesspit updates and it's probably deleting the millions of space wasting tmp files, instead of doing it properly. Fucking Windows.
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    Windows does that for me also.
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    Rounding error.

    .999 repeating is mathematically, technically the same as 1.
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    You are not. The Circle is watching you.
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    On one hand, it's annoying to see 100 and still be waiting. On the other, 99 is the last number shown and you never feel the satisfaction of reaching 100, you're left incomplete inside.
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    It's actually just 99.9% complete and then rounded to make you think that it completed ;)
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    Maybe it's finalizing?
    (Don't quote me on that)
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    @Lythenas to solve the 1/infinity you just need to floor your thingy hahaha, then it would display 99%, right?
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