Are you also almost unable to code / work without music?
If so, what are you listening to? 🎧

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    Dubstep and symphonic metal
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    Rock, metal, classical music, disco and a lot more.
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    Dubstep, Arabic House'ish music, Melodic Trap..
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    Indie Rock.
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    Dave Matthews Band live albums only.
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    Death metal and ambient/idm like Boards of Canada.
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    I definitely don't need music to code but I would say I'm more productive while listening to it. But that applies to any work, not just coding.
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    Lucky Ali
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    I usually listen to soothing classical music. These days listening to Adnan Sami
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    I am less productive with music than without but the most unproductive when I hear my coworkers yelling the background all the time.

    So I listen to 10+ hour playlists of progressive (sithu aye, dream theater, David Maxim mimic, Nick Johnston, plini, polyphia,) and classical music
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    Hardstyle. Depends on my mood what sub genre.

    When I'm generally working its either a reverse bass, euphoric or raw megamix. (Frontliner'ish stuff)
    When I need to focus, brutal raw mixes. (Radical Redemption, Krowdexx, Two-Sixty, Aggressive Acts etc)
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    I listen to everything from all types of rock and metal to classical and electro music like daft punk...etc
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