Do anyone else have major focus issues? When I'm enjoying something, I can focus completely for a long time. But when I'm miserable, 15 minutes seems to be the maximum I can focus.

It's really hard when you have long passages to read for class and are unable to focus long enough to actually absorb the material.

I really want to try ADHD medicine, but I don't want to rely on it to focus.

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    I wouldnt take this stuff. its strongly related to aphetamines.
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    I would reccomend you to see the psychiatrist and do a ads/adhs check.

    Methylphenidate is like a pair of glasses. If you have ads/adhs you'll expirience a lot bad luck in your life, get fired often. But focus on your strenghts. A lot ads/adhs people posess the unique ability in seeing things/"problems to solve" from a different angle and usualy they have a above average ability to be creative.

    I advice you if get the medicine, take the pills who work 4 hours instead of the 12h so you're more flexible, and you'll sleep better at night. The medicine toghether with coffee makes working on stuff you like a joy.

    The only downside i dislike about ritalin sr, is that it makes you chubby.

    If you have questions please feel free to ask me.
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    Man this is normal, just do it daily and the struggle will lessen
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    Depression has loads of wonderful symptoms including poor concentration. I mention it since you said about you can’t concentrate when you’re miserable. And it can manifest in loads of other ways too, not just sadness and despair.

    Ritalin (methylphenidate) can actually exacerbate things (if you aren’t ADD), although it makes you feel good and productive when you take it. But that’s because it’s like speed.

    Have a chat with a psychiatrist and get their opinion. Avoid going to a GP because they’re not specialized in disorders like these (you wouldn’t get a GP to perform surgery, right? 😝)

    Disclaimer: Temporal Lobe Epilepsy sufferer who was misdiagnosed for years 🙃
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    Getba trampoline. It works for me and it works for my daughter ;)
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    As someone who has dealt with ADHD throughout life, I can strongly vouch for the positive benefits of medication. It doesn't banish all of the focusing issues, but it at least gives you a fighting chance to stay focused. Drugs, when properly (and legally) used, can be a good thing. If you can afford it, I recommend talking about this with a psychiatrist to see if meds are something that would benefit you.
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    As someone who was diagnosed with ADD as a teenager but didn’t do anything to treat it as adult I regret it.

    Not getting treatment will cause you a lifetime of struggle.

    I understand people’s concerns what are the long term effects of taking amphetamines every day?
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    Sure, it can get less if you become an adult but there is no healing from it and it's not going away... it's part of yourself and those tablets act like a pair of glasses for your chaotic brain.
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