S: Do you want to hear a UDP joke?
C: Yes I would like to hear a UDP joke.
S: ...
S: ...
C: ...?...?...?
S: Well I don't care if you get it!

User: "Hello, I'd like to hear a torrent joke".
Tracker: "I will refer you to people who can tell you a torrent joke"
Peer1: "Why d"
Peer2: "cken "
Peer3: "road?"
Peer4: "id th"
Peer3: "cross"
Peer1: "e chi"
Peer5: " the"

Peer2: "the o"
Peer4: "To ge"
Peer1: "side."
Peer5: "ther"
Peer2: "t to"

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    By this joke now i know which one is UDP XD

    learning from devRant
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    Now I need the WiFi joke and the onion joke
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    there's a hash mismatch on the torrent joke
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    I wish if they had taught us like this in the university. Damn that would be so easy and cool.
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    @sslPoodle it says I don't care if you get it, as long as I forward it ;)
    But this one works too.
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