Today's my birthday!


ME: Presents?
Parents: You didn't requested one.
ME: But you always bought me SOMETHING.....
Parents: What do you want?
ME: Dunno.........


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    Happy Birthday! Maybe ask for a Raspberry Pi?
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    @CluelessBanana Already have one, and stays under a sheet of dust in the corner. (sobs again)
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    My parents usually don't get me anything for my birthday because they know I don't give a shit about it.

    Don't call me the Grinch of birthdays, but I really don't care about them. Never had any delightful ones, never will.

    Not getting you anything is a bit harsh. The fact that you have to tell them what you want kind of ruins the whole idea of a birthday present. It's suppose to be a surprise.

    You can ask for a new laptop, and if they say it's too expensive of a present, you can argue with, "you didn't get me anything, and you asked what I wanted, so I told you."
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    Glad I'm not the only one. My peers believe I'm strange for not enjoying birthdays. I'm not strange, it's simply a matter of opinion.
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    Yes, exactly! There's simply no enjoyment in them. I don't like Christmas, or easter, if that's even a holiday, I hate Valentine's Day... I forgot the rest of the holidays, I think that's it.

    I kind of like Halloween because I can benefit from it. I can stay at home and watch scary movies and be alone in the house. Then when my siblings come home from trick or treating, they'll share some of the candy with me If I buy them a treat.
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    Happy birthday! How about you treat yourself with your own present?

    Gamer? Buy a game / in game thing
    Tinkerer? Raspberry pi and create a fun thing, like start to build your own smart house
    Learner? Buy an online course

    Need more ideas? Ask ๐Ÿ™ƒ
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    The only thing I want to get is my own A350-900XWB........

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    While the year progresses, you could start making a list of things that make you think "hm... I would fancy having that, but I don't need it immediately right now."
    You can then present this list to your parents around your birthday ;-)
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    Happy birthday, have some ++
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    After some age, I just get clothes as gifts. Actually I like it, because I do not have to buy them.
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    @Michelle ah I hate those "commercial-driven" so-called "holidays" as well, it just gives a reason for companies to beg for your ever-vanishing money even more, by throwing at you some sales and other rubbish that you managed to do without for a whole year already.

    Plus birthdays are always an embarrassment, not for me, but for people who force themselves into buying a present. I'm just happy to have a beer or a nice meal, not having to open yet another useless present.

    Erf. Money money money, no more "human" values left.
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    And sorry I'm so rude... Happy Birthday Cozy! :) hope you still enjoyed your day
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    @Michelle you are my mind mirror :D
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