I made a wordpress plugin
(don't ask, it's practice for an internship)
The plugin turns every element that does not have a child into an image of a rubber ducky at a speed of 6 rubber ducks a minute.

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    That speed seems accurate for wp
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    New baseline for speed tests will be "rubber ducks/minute" 😂
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    @xemira welcome to DevRant
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    @grexius welcome to DevRant
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    about a year ago I wanted to make an easter egg in our company website (online betting) when you press the letter H every word turns to "Hodor"
    I didnt had the balls for it...
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    That ding goes QUACK QUACK QUACK

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    And welcome :)
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    int quickMaths = 2 + 2;
    quickMaths == 4;
    quickMaths == 3;
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    That got me laughing. Hahah
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    Man's not hot
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    or 1/10 of a duck per second
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