Who has replaced a dot with a semicolon while composing a SQL query in php? Me. 😤😤😤😤😤
Two hours spent in fixing everything and a sleepless night.

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    That query will crash if there are semicolons in the filename. Or quotes. Better start using PDO
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    I'm not a php dev, but shouldn't queries go inside service instead of inside php web page? even though it is not returned with the result page
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    Thanks for telling us, I'll never hire you
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    @ardnahcimor that was harsh :P
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    You could have figured it out in a matter of minutes, next time just copy paste sql in phpmyadmin or workbench
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    And this is how you suffer from sql-injection attacks
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    Never use concatenation to build SQL queries.
    Not even at gunpoint.
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    Are you sure that's a good way to execute the SQL query?? I feel can be SQL injection attack
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