Everybody boasting about lots of projects on github, and tons of stuff to show for.

Those that don't - are usually stressed that they don't have anything to show.

I work at a big-ish company, and we have tens of people in IT. Some of them are OK, others are gods.

Today I looked at their github profile. What do you think I saw?
Hello world applications?
Unfinished frameworks?
Forks with 1 line of change?

kind'a... That's for the people that have the richest profile. The rest - at most have a couple of projects with 2 files in them:
.gitignore (empty)

So just chill. Do what you like, don't judge yourself too hard, and try to also make some money.
Less stress, be happy.

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    My git contains nothing of use, a couple of dead end projects I never completed 🤷‍♂️
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    I don’t think anyone cares what in my repo. https://bitbucket.org/williamsbk/
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    Quantity != Quality.

    1 amazing project > 6 shit projects

    Also my GitHub profile has nothing on it, fuck people's opinions lol
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    To be fair though, that might not give you the whole picture.
    What you don't see is all the private repos, all the unpublished repos, all the repos hosted on other services, or even personal servers.
    I'm no code guru, nor a professional programmer, but I have multiple personal projects I'm working on and learning from, and almost none of them are (or ever will be) published for the world to see.
    What you see have seen might be, in some cases, just the surface...
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    That is because IT guys != Developers

    Not all it guys know how to code, not all coders know IT stuff.

    You work with specialists, their projects are somewhere else.
    God dammit.
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    @mundo03 IT = Informational Technology.

    Please do not confuse the broad term of IT, which comprises everything from building computers, to writing software for them.

    Just because some stupid business people started calling tech support with no idea about how computers work "IT", doesn't mean that it's the definition of "IT".
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    @AndSoWeCode i studied that, IT is not a broad concept, it is a specialization.

    Also, some stuff you said belongs to electronic, mechatronics and computer science.

    And sadly, business people did not call de Support guys IT, IT guys are mainly support guys in varios levels, including devops.
    From printers and phones to god damned distributed systems, kubernetes and complex network shit.

    But I can agree and IT professional can choose to step out of the support role and do whatever they want.
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    @mundo03 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    "Several industries are associated with information technology, including computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, internet, telecom equipment, and e-commerce."

    I used it as a broad term, and will continue to do so as it is exactly what it means.

    Usually large companies have departments dedicated to "IT", which has some person who knows about tech, as the CTO. Under it, there are certain divisions that are responsible for different parts of the tech stack. Examples:

    Integration and Architecture,
    Shop (includes strict relevant backend and frontend),
    ERP (development and maintenance),
    BI (Data Warehousing + Data Science),
    Infrastructure (DevOps),
    Office Tech Support (office infrastructure)
    Produxt X (for-profit development of produxt X that is to be sold or something).
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    @AndSoWeCode i mean, right industries related is not the same as skills that belong to the IT PRO.

    But sure, again, an IT pro can do whatever , the same as an electronic eng can do whatever, or a person without a diploma can do whatever.

    That does not change the fact that the IT Pro studies revolve around ITIL.

    But sure, you can also do whatever you want :)
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    Many people treat github as facebook for developers: a highlight reel or at least theorise as it should be.

    Me? I have 7 yr experience in Java that I can't put in github because I coded for private companies. Am I screwed? Nope becase it's more valuable the experience with these companies than code I could have copied, pasted, conmited and pushed.
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    I never actively used mine for anything than forking some stuff, uploading some ideas and lately uploading my first projects I ever wrote to show the Juniors how bad I once was :)

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    Thank you :)

    Currently starting to look for a new job, am stressing about my github being nearly empty :(
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    @Phlisg from an employer perspective, an active Github is obviously a plus, but only IF I have 20 different potential developers to hire. Which is mostly not the case. Active Social Media Profiles are good too, also a Linkedin Profile with the projects you did or a "What I'm doing now" Page like the one here: https://mlafeldt.github.io/now/
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    @kojote why thank you very much for this insight :D gonna peak into this asap
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    @theScientist Might not be in general, but as a Team Lead Dev I'm curious how you behave in Social Media with other Devs/People in General. It needs to be a people fit not only a technological one
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