My evening routine:
*puts down the laptop near the bed
*puts a glass of water near the laptop
*thinks about “fuck you idiot, you gonna rekt your laptop some day”
*goes to sleep
So tonight it finally happened... global game jam in 2 days and i don’t have a fucking laptop
Im so mad at myself rigt now

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    Was it on? Once, by mistake I left my laptop out in heavy rain for several hours, but since it had shit battery life it died before the rain started. Dried it over night and it was working just fine the next day 👌👌
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    @nanoandrew4 woah, thats pretty impressive 😃 what kind of laptop do you use?
    It was in sleep, i turned it off immediately, took it apart and paper towels+hairdryer, now its on a towel on the radiator, i check on it at the morning, hoping for the best
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    @PreyK The survivor was an HP laptop, close to 8 years old probably. I just bought a new Lenovo laptop over the summer tho, because it was getting old and some stuff wasn't working (unrelated to the rain)

    Hope your laptop is fine in the morning! 😇 Fingers crossed for you man, I know the feeling of terror
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    Remove battery, unscrew as much as you can and leave it Infront of a fan with as many components exposed to the air flow as possible!

    Best of luck :-/
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    or just put it in the oven
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    I recommend sippy cups, or one of these plastic bottles at all times:

    > Lucozade sport bottle review

    Note, they now do two different top designs, one that doesn't leak easily, and one that does ! (The does one, its got lots of holes..)

    I solve the problem another way, I've put my PC behind a wall :-)
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    I once dropped burning hot coffee on the right side of my laptop's speakers, it's still standing to this day 🙇
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    I heard if you put it in your microwave, you will also charge it.
    Just like the iPhone!
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    @coffeeholic blow dry with compressed air and bake in over at 60 C for about 30 minutes, that's the industry standard for liquid damage.
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    @DeWil Thanks dude 😃 the microwave fixed it
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    Yes those are real bricks. :-)

    Previous place I lived.

    And yes, that's a three legged printer stand. :-)

    The corner leg was screwed to the floor, so it didn't topple over in case you are wondering how its done.
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