So... my girlfriend has a very random work schedule. Sometimes she works 4 days a week sometimes only 1, sometimes only at the weekend sometimes not at all. If only there would be an app to track that... 🤔
She tried quite a few apps on the app store but they were shit/ugly/too complex..etc
Wait.. i’m a developer, i can do that.
So i made a dead simple calendar-like app in javascript+fuseopen.
She selected the colors, background, layout etc..
If she taps on a date it turns red indicating that is a workday, if a workday is tapped it turns back to normal color.

The main logic is:
//check if save is current month

She likes it.
Cool, so let’s build this! She has an iphone and my mac is still in the service center so i can’t build🙁
But its okay, i have a mac at my office, we can build there, the only downside is that is 40min of travel.
We take the subway, go to the office, build the app, make a certificate, install to her phone, everything goes as planned.
Coming back we were lucky enough to catch the bus that goes in 30 min intervals, we only had to wait like a minute so life is good 😃
I enter the house, chill down on the bed, pull out my laptop to close the project when a FUCK ME!!!!
I completely forgot to implement a whole else branch on start!!!
Soo the app does nothing when is opened on january 1😂😂
I guess that’s why we have testers and qa.. 😃

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    I would recommend leaving this Mac running all day with TeamViewer or something. Also, sweet desing 😍
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    Why can’t you just use the normal calendar app that comes with your iphone/mac? and just set it to all day event?

    I have a google calendar that ive set up, my family all use the same login and we can all access it using the calendar app (CALDAV) on our phones and computers, we can all add appointments and stuff to it and all edit it, its how we communicate our family stuff.
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    Switch case?
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    @TheLastGimbus they kindly asked us not to remote into anything outside of lan at the office. :/
    Thanks 😃 fuse is cool! The whole ui thread is async, runs native on c++ and super easy to markup. It took 5 mins to make the ui from scratch.
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    @helloworld i have no idea 😃
    I also use google calendar and its fine for me.
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    @PreyK whoa. I don't know, maybe there's something wrong with me, but doing, like, anything, takes me at least half-hour...
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    Just get her an android phone to get rid of all this hassle ;)
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