Atm I'm trying to do some programming at night, with a mechanical keyboard... it's sounds like a machine gun. 😵

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    problem solved...
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    Love that sound 😉
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    You sir, deserve a cookie.
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    What an IBM Model M sounds like:

    > IBM Model M keyboard typing sound

    I find the feedback noise really helpful for knowing when I've pressed a key.

    As we all know, computers like to lag behind us at times when we type something and then wait several seconds for what we typed to actually appear on the screen.
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    @kgbemployee I like it, too. That's why I bought it. But at night it's just annoying. ^^ Maybe I should get a normal keyboard for working at night. 🤔
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    @Johnni You could build a sound proof wall around your desk..
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    @kgbemployee mh looks very interesting. Definitely going to try it. Thank you for the tip! 😉
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    @Nanos already had the idea, but my mother doesn't want this. I first thought about it when I began doing music. There is such a reverb in my room... 😐
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    @Johnni Shame, mine was alright about me doing that.

    One place I lived I used engineering bricks, as you could then easily take down the wall if need be.

    I remember those, they was free one Christmas day from a PC vendor who had a surplus of them and wanted to get rid of them after a refurbishment.
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    That sound is one of the reasons to use it 😎
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