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    lol...welcome to devRant.
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    Welcome mate!

    @Floydian UC will be holding your privacy lol!
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    What's wrong about opera? I like it, it has some useful features out of the box.
    Safari is still alive 'cause you can't expect the average iOS user to be flexible enough to change.
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    It's totally not accurate, safari is worst than edge, and edge is not internet explorer
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    Lol. This is awesome. 👍
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    The main reason I use Safari on my iPhone is because of the 3D Touch feature, its so small but so much
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    Where is the world wide web browser (nexus) and Netscape navigator?
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    Now one can forgo the role of internet explorer in browser evaluation. Where browsers are getting very speedy and versatile the ancestor is internet explorer. I remember the day when I prepare my assignment with https://uk-dissertation.com/assignm... help by accessing them from IE which was my love.
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