Lets talk about our dream phone!

Here's what mine would be...

Screen: 1440p AMOLED highly saturated screen.
CPU: Snapdragon 845 (Or whatever is on top)
RAM: 4-6 GB
Storage: 16 GB internal OS reserved storage for the OS only but on the side would have 2 slots with the same locking mechanism as the sim tray to hold 2 hot swapable storage or battery modules.
OS: A modular version of stock android (By modular i mean a version of stock android that is designed to be installed on any device)
Speaker: Dual front facing stereo
Ports: 2 usb-c ports on the bottom.

Special features: A portable desktop experience that when plugged into a monitor would give a chromeOS style experience with the phone acting as a touchpad.

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    I would like one that actually fits my pocket.
    I hate iPhones but iPhone 5 has the best size yet.
    I cant get nothing like that nowadays
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    Most of what you described already exists nowadays, even the touchpad thing with the razer phone (it was hinted at CES 2018) but why 2 ports? To charge and to plug usb headphones or usb? I think that's a little overkill

    A graphene battery would be perfect you'd only charge every 3-4 days and it wouldn't heat the phone as much
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    @VikiMaster2 I know but I hate the razor phone and the two ports would also be for attachments like the desktop functionality, would allow you to use a usb-c to hdmi and charge at the same time, but charging and listening is an added bonus.
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    I want a phone with the latest hardware, 2 fully featured USB-C ports, SD slot, physical keyboard and Linux OS. I hope the Librem 5 becomes a thing.
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    @lxmcf I get your point but in the case of connecting it to a monitor you'd already transmit HDMI, Power from the monitor, audio and probably even a couple of USB transfer lanes as most USB C monitors have all those already
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    And real dual-sim.
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    A Samsung Galaxy s8 with the fingerprint scanner of the p10 plus.
    stock Android that has Samsung edge panel for screenshots.
    Pixel 2's camera.
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