How do i handle code review as a junior developer?
I understand its need and I don't want to skip it.
But I feel under confident after code review when my mistakes are pointed out. They always seem so trivial and wonder how did I even miss them. How should I handle such situations? And how do I improve from here?

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    First don't be afraid to show your weakness,
    Second don't allow a bad review unless it is explained why is bad
    Third: look to other reviews and ask questions. Reviews are a good way to learn and improve

    Don't be afraid, learn the most that you can and be open. I have 13 years experience and i learn every day. If i close myself in a silo... I won't be half the developer I'm today.
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    You're all on the same team, so you shouldn't really feel like a code review is an examination. If the reviewer makes you feel "stupid" or "incompetent" then you just have to deal with different personalities. Part of life. When I was working in a team (2 years ago now), I always followed stoic philosophy (particularly Spinoza and Aurelius), I help and support rather than criticise and disparage. Learn from your mistakes and make sure your code improves next time, you can't do any better than your best and if your team are giving you tasks above your ability, be frank and talk to them about it. The worst case scenario is you feel stuck, not improving and clueless. Productivity falls and then you'll have other issues to deal with.
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    @searchindex Thank you for your comment. Hearing it from a experienced dev makes me look at it in a new way. Thank you.
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    @ymas Thank you for your comment. Code reviewer is a wonderful guy and an amazing coder. I have lots to learn from him.
    It just that I feel incompetent seeing myself make trivial mistakes. Thanks your suggestions. Will read upon those philosophers you have suggested
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    If it's mostly syntax errors that bug you, I suggest you try out a Linter for your IDE, like http://sublimelinter.com/en/latest/ for example. This way you can make sure your code doesn't has syntax errors and on the plus side it will be also formatted a lot nicer (PHP for example as PSR-2)
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    I found them a great opportunity to learn. Everybody makes silly mistakes, after a few months I was reviewing senior dev code and found mistakes. It's easy for a second pair of eyes to find something you will naturally skip over.

    But do look at all of your changes before getting it reviewed, go through it with a toothpick.
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    Consider that before the review your code is your code, it is what it is, warts and all. If you didn't have a review you wouldn't learn anything or improve and learn how to make your code better. The review, while scary, makes you better and your code better. The review doesn't make your code need improvements, it was already in the state, the review teaches how to fix them and not make them again. Learn to love them. Having the opportunity to gather with other professionals is priceless and they're are many Devs out there that don't get opportunity, cherish it
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