Soo Guys,

I am thinking of a new Laptop for developing abroad. Also because my PC is to much power crunching.

I first thought of an MacBook. Thanks to my human intelligence I have thrown away this idea.

I may want to use an surface pro (not the beefiest one, just like i5, 8gb RAM and 265ssd) or an laptop with Linux flash.

Because I am used to develop in Windows environment I might choose the surface. I really love Linux but as I progress in my (jet many, but not enough) languages I might stay at windows.

I wouldn't choose any HP or Lenovo laptop any more, only bad experience.

What do you guys think? Any other opinions?

Edit: I want to use it for:

- WebDevelopment
- Java Application Development
- C#/C Development
- Server Development
- Game Development
- Network Adminstration
- Server Administration
- Some Random Stuff

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    What development would you do on it?
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    @SteffTek I cover most of that for on the go with a small underpowered laptop which has 15 hours and more runtime.

    But java dev especially could need the surface specs, do know, that its not a "laptop" - youre going to hate yourself for buying a surface as a "lap"top, its barely usable that way.

    Regarding laptop recommendations, I had good experience with acer and thinkpads in the past, but for most I use a full PC now, others might answer that one better, as they use laptops for everything.
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    @JoshBent Jeah, I know that it is indeed no laptop. I might choose a surface book or a pro, don't know jet^^
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    it's yeah, yet etc. by the way, just wanted to mention it, was confused by jets flying mid sentences 😉
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    @JoshBent going to the store soon to test some out ^^
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