How can I help you?
"my email isn't working"
What web browser do you use?
Err, okay, what's your email address and password?
"I don't have a password."

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    jeeze, and I thought my customers are bad...
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    @CoffeeNcode I got more where that came fromm.. baha
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    the best one I had lately was the one who insists on writing their blog in MS Word, copy and paste into the CMS and then complain the formatting is messed up.
    Also: how are you still sane with customers like that? Tell me your secret!
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    Why would you need their password in the first place!?!
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    @goldenrant computer repair shop. I can't fix their junk without getting into it.
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    @CoffeeNcode my job is literally just helping people that don't know what they're doing. Sometimes I actually repair computers lol.

    My customers.... Well let's put it this way: if computers were cars, they wouldn't know where the steering wheel was. Or what it's called.
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    @antic fair enough
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    @antic did you already have to explain to someone where the On/Off button is? I'm curious
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    "what browser do you use?"

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    @CoffeeNcode on occasion, yes.
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