Its not really a choice...

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    You write it B, you output it as A.min

    And you live a happy life
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    If I had a coworker write it like A, I'd throat punch them. Repeatedly.
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    @jhh2450 cant blame you, had to do it
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    Choose option B
    And "save the code" @savethecode
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    Actually I write like A. It seems weird at first but it's easier to find a problem in A style than B.
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    @Draedus hope you're sarcastic ^^
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    @Draedus Yeah because you know: " the Error need to be in this line" 😂
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    It's better A trust me :) . Sorry had to do that :D ...
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    Met someone who actually wrote like A.
    Didn't punch him but got him fired instead. Not quite as soothing but felt better after anyway.
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    C : Put everything in the style property
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    I think it’s a fucking crime to write it like A.
    It’s always better to write it like B and minify it before deploying to production...
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    Don't do A. It's visual bullshit
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