I finished my collage and got a job in a very good company which paid very handsome salary and I was excited very much as I always wanted to be a developer and develop application which would be used by many people , but as the days gone by in my workplace i felt to depressed at work and slowly the interest and excitement faded away , sometimes I question myself what is the purpose of life and what iam doing ?

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    The purpose of life is ending sentences quicker
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    Side projects might keep you live off programming alive. Build something cool, or extend your favorite open source project.
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    @jpuge sometimes I feel I was not born to code bcoz the productivity of mine was like very good in college but as I started to work that slowly came down. So I feel like am I in wrong field of work ?
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    While it is not easy finding the energy after work to do things, work on something you love and stick at it as it will keep your love for code alive.
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    I just recently started working and have similar feelings.
    Dude... u are working 8 hours (i assume) then you come home and expect to perform like when in college? We are humans not machines. I have a problem where i cant identify with the project I am working on and I also cant really identify with the company I am working in, which is pretty bad.
    But that is my personal problem, because in the end I need to be self employed.
    There are a handful of conpanies out there that I adore, yet, when thinking about working there I cant imagine doing that for the rest of my life...

    I also think about life alot. If you are feeling lost, then dont worry, I feel that way too, and many others probably feel similarly.

    If your tasks are hard and you think that you suck then also dont worry, this gets better fast.
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