school is TERRIBLY designed.

why the FUCK are our grades dependent on EFFORT and NOT KNOWLEDGE.

im sick and tired of kids who scribble on homework and fail tests but still get a's, while i ace tests but dont do any homework.

how long ago was it that school was about LEARNING. to gain knowledge. kids who dont SHOULD NOT GET GOOD GRADES.

fuck you🖕

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    Well, something is definitely fucked if kids are getting Fs on tests yet somehow getting As on overall grades... there must be more to that story. Ask them how they weight grades for tests/homework/etc. that said, it’s also flawed logic to believe that getting A’s on tests should just somehow let you ‘test out’ of the rest of the class... school isn’t just about grades, it’s also about learning to have time management, proving your a reliable human that does his or her part, and other traits & skills that humans generally value. I get it, your a young and very smart dude, but you gotta do more than just expect to ‘test out’ bro, or you will find life gives you lots of friction later. This is how people end up at jobs who think they are the whole company because they’re so smart and could do everyone else’s jobs... and they could, but they’re never happy and people don't get along with because of this shitty attitude they’ve reinforced for years.
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    The school system is fucked up. Doesn't matter what country ur in.
    We put our children in these incubators that are only slightly more than occupational therapy that leads to nothing.
    Does anyone really think that the stuff you learned past line 6 - 7th grade was actually useful?

    School is a fucking waste of time and it actually harms and breaks people.
    To hell with it!
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    School is not capable to accurately tell if a kid is smart or not. I got the worst possible grades in school it was actually impressive how low my score was.
    I was like the worst student of the entire school, i had to repeat the same grade 3 times!

    So you might think I am stupid?

    Well I am a working programmer with a bachelors degree, i make games, know and use multiple 3D software for modeling, rigging, texturing and animation, write and record sound and music (piano and guitar) and am as hard working and as disciplined as I possibly can be. I reached alot more in life than some of my old straight As classmates, but I was "the failure"

    Seriously, school is a fucking piece of shit.

    ... ( I might be a little biased, but my point is still valid)
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    @theScientist why the fuck not. thats pretty much saying youre not at school to learn.

    @agaskins the weight of homework to everything else is either 10-90 or 20-80 but theres a minimum grade you can get on tests and other things that students can do to make it go up.
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    @ViktorZin yeah, school is supposed to be 100% about knowledge
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    @theScientist thats should be part of life itself. theres no class on any of the shit you just said.
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    @theScientist what? knowledge should be a reflection of how hard you work, right? why does anything else matter?

    @SoulSkrix …

    a) youre applying it. how else would the teach know that youre smart?

    b) umm, yeah dude were tested on things like that, maybe it just my district

    c) i didnt bother to read anything after have social skills. to be honest, the people without them pay attention the most in class and do the best, but they still dont have the balls to answer a question.

    d) yeah umm, were tested on this too…

    fyi for that last comment, our grade can go down if we dont come to class
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    What parents are supposed to say after you come home from school: "what did you learn today?"
    What they actually ask: "did you get a good grade on x?"
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    Well, probably that's why most Developers are self learners, no degrees, and if they have a degree most of the things they know and use everyday they've learned it outside school.
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    @SoulSkrix but should school be helping you with that? is that schools job? or should school be purely about learning? i personally think learning should be 100% of school
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    School was never about learning. It's about producing workers

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    @SoulSkrix i said that last comment wrong. school grades should be 100% about knowledge. life lessons can be learnt to but not graded on.
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    You know a school is bad when they prioritize grades over knowledge
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