I feel a bit bad.

My family left for the weekend sonim all alone at home.

I told everybody else not to bother me so could code.

Instead i went to buy soda,sandwich food, beer, papers and smokes (i quit smoking 6months ago ;)) and played video games for the last 2 days.

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    There’s a good place beside me in hell for you 😉
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    Sounds like my standard shopping list.
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    Its bad that you smoked but sometimes you need to take a break and not work for once. I have the same problem, always working, i cant relax, this is a problem
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    Dopamines FTW!
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    At least you didn't go to Pornhub (yet).
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    I only really smoked mawiwawi ;) thats not bad!
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    Because of interruption. Of course i can code when they are there. But being able to remain 12 hours non stop in front of my screen is not possible with a young family.@Jop-
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