So a muslim guy asked developers to remove "Pig" symbol from app because it is "Haram" in their religion.

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    @1989 i think so.. 🤣
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    @teganburns "Pig" symbol used for "Fixed" or "Recurriing" Deposits and many bank or commerce app used them. I see no point to replacing one with another.
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    I hope this rant is not made up. Maybe the muslim guy is just a retard. Eating pig meat (pork) is haram, not the pig.
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    I wanna comment on this, but I don’t want to... you know... well whatever. In Malaysia we just avoid conflicts like this. We have issues with dogs , pigs , cows number 3 , number 4, six-pointed-stars, color black, names in red, stars and moons. But swastika is still no problem. The amount superstition here is unbearable these days.
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    @tahnik not made up. He send a mail first and then he publicly said this on play.
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    Symbolics are often based on culture and history. You should not consider that by cause of his religious problem with the pig, but more because the symbol does not make sense for a part of your audience.
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    "As long as you don't eat your phone you should be fine"

    Honestly, I think you should make a loading screen for the app with a full-screen picture of a pig.
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    This is just stupid
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    @CWins i completely agree with you. But you are forgetting that fully localizing an app in every culture (changing title, changing icons, changing descriptions and so on...) it's really hard (if not impossibile) for small companies
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    I'm a Muslim and I don't find this offensive I mean we don't eat pigs and that's it, they're not fucking devils or something .People get so retarded sometimes.
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    @MatPag yes, but still, if part of your audience thinks it's strange or wrong, what's the harm in an internationally recognised icon like a vault?
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    @wildebeest That's nothing strange. I didnt't want be specific to this case, I think the pig icon is completely ok for muslims (based on muslims which commentated this rant). I wanted to say that the most successfull apps try to change colors, icons and other things based on user locale. For example read here for colors: https://lingohub.com/blog/2012/...
    PS: the problem in your words reside in the fact of recognizing the pig as a vault symbol in every culture, while for muslims could be another symbol, I dont know, just saying 😁
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    @abcdev for real tho.
    How come you think that he is a Muslim? There was no Islamic word in his comment lol
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    @gitpull his name.
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    If you are saying that because of his name and because of him asking you to change it, might have brought you that thought that he might be a Muslim. Therfore, that's just an assumption.

    So... to the guys who speak their hatred out to this guy.
    You are the real retards who shouldn't just jump on someone's assumption.
    There's no real evidence.
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    @abcdev dude, are u f serious?
    Just having such a name doesn't mean that he's a Muslim. Arrrgh...
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    My name could be Christian, but I could be a jew instead of what my name would let assume people what my religion could be. See? That's the problem with folks like you.
    You shouldn't make assumptions.
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    So much stupidity in one place. I'm really shocked that even people with such respect are commenting their hatred based on someone's assumption.
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    That's like the media nowadays.
    Media use a trending buzz word and/or fake news and their rating rise. And everyone jumps on the train to be the king while leaking their real intelligence.

    The same can be applied here.
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    I think they shouldn't be forcing their religion on others just play nicely.
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    Yeah that was definitely ignorant and stupid

    In fact, it's just plain wrong. Pigs are like any animal except you are forbidden from eating their meat. Taking care of a pig is not haram, for instance.

    It's terrible how some people behave.
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    Come on... The guy introduced himself in a google play comment with his account...
    Do I have to say anything else?
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