Newbie Linux User - Story about not working GUI

I am a proud Opensuse user for about a year, still struggling with some basic stuff, terminal, etc.
The story begins when a few days ago I try to login to the system. To my trusty Gnome. I get stuck on login loop;
successful login - > black screen for a second - > back to login screen.

Zero feedback, not a single error message

Stress level increases taking in count that I am at a climax at my university with tons of projects on my computer.

I assemble the Team A:
Me, Google, Stackoverflow, and for desperate times Russian Stackoverflow

Over 4 hours, found out that my user is affected by this, tried restoring default Gnome configuration, went through bunch of logs only to find out that every user gets the same errors, still only my not working. Even KDE denied to cooperate with the same result.

So what went wrong you may be thinking.
One line in file replaced by miniconda, that changed the PATH.

Linux is the best detective game that I've ever played.
Is it something that I should get used to?

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    You are running Tumbleweed right?
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    Yes, definitely get used to it, and worse. Like trying to find documentation on something just to see web pages with "documentation goes here" written on them.
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