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    not sure if it's a simple lifehack that saves water or if it's indeed german pendantism. 😄
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    What's going on in this picture?
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    @jhh2450 The signs say "Stop" and "Start".
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    @PrivateGER Yea I got that. What is this thing though lol
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    @jhh2450 Its that thing you use to flush a toilet
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    @AlexDeLarge We're such a soft ass country and pisses me the fuck off. Especially since I'll be forever tied to the generation softest of them all.
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    @AlexDeLarge The generation as a whole might be, but I'll be damned if I'm raising an entitled little piece of shit.
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    @jhh2450 I won't, either.

    Mine will learn to work for what they want, and learn that keeping the results of that work is a good thing. They'll learn that being offended is just an opinion and doesn't mean a damn thing. And they'll learn that the world doesn't owe -- and won't give -- them anything.

    They'll also learn not to put up with abuse and (actual) intolerance ☺

    Thick skin, good work ethic, and strength of character are all virtues.
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    Ok!educational discussion!😄

    I'll extend @Root s approach with the following feature set
    - the mindset of open communities / open organizations, transparency and to fucking stop keeping everything for your damn self stupid morons
    - how to live focused and be aware of oneself and the world around us,
    - how to discourse instead of talking shit all day long wanting me to swallow that huge load of scam
    - to always have hope and that a good mood and positive thinking is beneficial not only for oneself but also for all living around us
    - to bring in only constructive feedback/criticism how to move forward instead of whining about the current state and the past
    - duality between honoring the earth we live on and the drive to one day travel the stars since this can bring humanity more together for some time
    - the love - principle (no it's not about fucking around)
    - that it's OK to only keep few closest friends and screw the others
    - that they are worth it for being creative and transparent instead of only productive and all that prestige shit
    - that devrant is awesome and leads to a calmer mind through when spitting out all that daily fucking shit
    - to keep stress and fear away because it shrinks tits and balls together with the brain transforming you into an utterly unpleasant advocate of this stick-that-workhorse-up-your-arse movement
    - that sexuality and gender ist not a damn problem and what's it all about because I'm sick of that I-don't-want-to-speak-about-that-topic policy of my parents and their generation
    - that psychological disease and problems are real and nothing to be ashamed off

    @Root I also think worth and value (second last paragraph of you) of everything around us is also a good quality which prevents my children from one day becoming one of those selfish, prestige-driven, abusing, work-horse idiots that sometimes become managers or politics but are a huge pain in my already pretty penetrated ass.

    Disclaimer: I sometimes overfit, no offence intended
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