I dont know if its a feature or bug or just me, but if i go on someone's profile and scroll down to check the rants, i cant scroll up trough the top last rant. It stops exactly, when i reach the bar (rants, ++, comments, etc..). I have to click or touch this bar at least ones to come over it, to scroll further up to the profile description, pic etc.
ps: I'm using an galaxy s7 with Nougat

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    Just tried it is the same on a BlackBerry Dtek 60 Android 6.0.1
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    already in github and according to @dfox theres no easy fix.
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    @JoshBent ahhh, good to know, thank you
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    Workaround: Tap on the bar, scroll up, and scroll back down.
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    I was messing with this with a mouse at one point, it would seem that there are two pieces placed together. And both are scrollable by themselves. Not entirely sure how that works, but that is what it does. And for some reason when focus is lost on the top one it locks into place.
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    The bar scrolls vertical - I usually try to make sure to slide it all the way left before I try to scroll up. I'm not sure if that's actually a workaround or just me coming up with reasons for something working because I don't actually know why...kinda like catching a Pokémon...you keep hitting A, but you know damn well as I do that it doesn't increase the catch rate - at all.
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