Got a pretty epic message yesterday:

"Hi, I just had a friend on phone and we got a rather "simple" idea for a website. 

Just a user ID and a password users would pay for. Then they would get access to their videos.

We are willing to pay 350 bucks for a working version and up to 680 depending on the result at the end of the project. 

Know anyone that could be interested? Or would you be? 

Have a good night. "


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    I'm afraid to ask, but was "simple" quoted on their message or did you add that? lol
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    You build a website which is basically a Youtube wrapper :-D
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    @mihamil It was part of the original message. And part of the joke too...
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    @code-god actually... Yeah! That could be worth the work for 350 bucks! I could even add Google accounts integration for free! :D
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    they are probably thinking of starting a porn site!
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