What is it with this bullshit culture about installing something syncs it with all machines
First chrome/chromium, You can't install a plugin or extension on 1 machine unless you're logged out. what is this bullshit

Next windows 10, I fucking installed a Japanese language pack on 1 machine, by the end of the day all my fucking machines and even my windows tablet got it installed and applied in a fucking bugged way that made it that my UI is English and my fucking metro apps are Japanese.

This is starting to get annoying as fuck

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    Haha actullay they must have thought it as that users shouldn't have to install same thing again and again
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    I approve this rant
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    @rehman True but if i want to keep each machine seperate they are making it way to hard
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    @inpothet yea that's a thing they should realize and make.it easy for users.
    Maybe at the time of installing we can have a option thar if we want to sync it on our account or.not
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    @rehman yea that is the only thing missing atm
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