Okay so someone asked me to explain difference between an iPad & PC & i did it something like this:

If you provide a kid with a condom and a balloon, which would he value more?
Now give the same set to a mature adult, which would he value more?

We know which one serves the greater purpose right? 😝

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    👍👍👍👍. That was a damn good analogy. What bout teens though? I wouldn't want a condom nor a balloon.
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    @ThaOneDude Atleast teens wpuld know which is the one they should be familiar with to use in the future 😝
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    @TomRiddle 👍👍. True.
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    Give me a fucking ballon right now i want to keep it in the air using my nose that shit is fun
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    So you say I program on a condom? Well I love Python and I guess you could fit a condom on a python...
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    Regardless of my age, I’ll take the ballon any day 🎈 🎈 🎈
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    @sslPoodle i saw that video too.

    There’s alsomthe king of random that made a video of filling with hydrogen “Industrial Grade high resistance truckstop balloons”
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    @ThaOneDude Well it also applies to teens, they know what a condom is, they know they should use it, they won't and they'll regret not investing in one in the future.
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    @JKyll Plus you can imagine the consequences if someone tries to use balloons instead of condoms 😝
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