Let's quickly talk about idiots.

> A simpleton coworker of mine installed Ubuntu on his brand new ThinkPad with a touch screen.
> Asks me to show him the Linux games site I mentioned earlier.
> I see that he has no browser installed.
No Firefox, Chromium, Epiphany, etc.
> Now I know that he has a room temperature IQ and something moronic is going to happen.
Truth be said, I subliminally desired a terminal based browser.
> Then he fucking opens Wine and I shit you NOT! That thundercunt opens...
> Internet Explorer!
> I punched his screen.
> No longer a touch-screen laptop.

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    I thought Firefox is default while installing Ubuntu!?
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    @Nawap Yes! Exactly!
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    Great ending.
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    @Noob I suddenly don't want to let you near my computer.
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    @Nawap it implies that he went in and manually uninstalled it which is just...... So much.
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    So... A simpleton is a simple class with a single instance?
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    This actually hurts...
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    @aritzh that ain't wrong.
    @robosthetique indeed, he uninstalled FF but was smart enough to learn about Wine. That's satanism.
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    It would amuse me greatly if this was all done on a Mac instead of a Thinkpad...
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    If the room temperature is in fahrenheit his IQ shouldn't be that bad specially in summer 🤔
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    @haithamSboui no sane person measures temperature in Fahrenheit by own choice.
    Note the "own choice" part. Americans who were born and raised into the US customary unit system are not to be blamed.
    On the other hand, they should indeed start a revolution to convert into the metrical system.

    @deMark I've got a very shitty coworker who received a Mac from the company. He does similar, but not as extreme, things.
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    @haithamSboui I would actually be quite happy to have a room temperature IQ measured in Kelvin.
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    @MaxMustermann then you've reached what no man has ever reached before .I live in africa so my standards for temperatures are pretty high .
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    Fahrenheit even sucks to spell.

    Though it's okay for weather/indoor temperature since its comfortable range is higher, and thus gives more precise temperatures when using integers.

    But for literally everything else it's just. bloody stupid.

    32 is freezing? 212 is boiling?
    0 is the coldest that salted ice water can get?

    Just. Whyyyyyyyyyyy
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    @Root Gracias!
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    Hahaha, why would you ever do this.
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    Hahhaha... WTF!
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    @Noob Someone needs to #installgentoo ;)
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