How do I slap a blockhead who keeps interjecting me in a Zoom meeting?

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    Your options (in no particular order) include:

    Back hand
    With your dick

    Good luck!
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    Lit up the fire alarm...

    Take an alarm siren, let it roar...
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    I’ve never figured this out, either, despite a lifetime of trying.
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    “You talking hella lot of shit for a dude in a cumshot distance”
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    @uyouthe I wished Hollywood started referring to cumshot distance instead of earshot distance
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    I will start a fight. One time, I also started singing les mis, loudly into my studio mic, bc fuck you if you talk over me.
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    Spike his coffee with thorazine

    Jk don’t do that
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    @uyouthe ... unless ... 🤔
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    Just throw a rock
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    Put money in a jar everytime you face this. Send him book on better communication within a team.
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    I already have a switch to wire audio output from given programs back to zoom for the lulz. I would play an airhorn, ^2 as loud as my mic would record it.
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